Since 1992, OK Birds has been a family owned and operated parakeet breeder. For 21 years we have been perfecting the art of breeding top quality keets. In 2008, we moved from western Oklahoma and built a state of the art breeding facility just 15 minutes from OKC Airport. Our 7500 sq/ft facility is home to over 20,000 keets making OK Birds the largest parakeet breeder.

By purchasing direct from the breeder, our customers are assured of consistent quality and health. Our keets maintain a strict schedule of medications. They never come in contact with other breeders' birds, like the ones sold through brokers. This greatly reduces the potential for health issues. Each bird is individually checked, and color sorted before shipping. Thru 21 years of selective genetic breeding, we produce a large amount of pastel and fancy color mixes. Our customers feel that by purchasing directly from the breeder they receive a more friendly and gentle keet.

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OK Birds' state of the art facilities include 3 buildings and are home to over 20,000 keets, making OK Birds the largest parakeet breeder!
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